Travel Notes 2: Aboard the Queen Mary 2

Nancy Friedman
6 min readNov 3, 2022

Previously in Travel Notes: SFO to NYC.

I ‘ve never had the slightest interest in a cruise. Before last month, my longest voyage had been the overnight passage between Greece and Italy, when I was in my early 20s. My preferred marine transport is a kayak.

But I love the ocean and I hate flying, and a couple of friends had taken the Queen Mary 2 between the US and England and had a wonderful time. And I had a reason to go to England: to reconnect with an old friend and her family. So the Queen Mary 2 began to look appealing. To my surprise, the fare isn’t terribly expensive (if you take an inside stateroom, as I chose to). In fact, it was less than my return airfare from London to San Francisco.

I crossed the Atlantic in the biggest ocean liner afloat — in fact, the only dedicated transatlantic ocean liner (as opposed to a cruise ship). The Queen Mary 2, which entered service in 2004, is 250 feet (76.2 meters) longer than the Titanic; it can carry 2,691 passengers and 1,173 staff members, and it takes seven days to travel from Brooklyn’s Red Hook Terminal to Southampton.

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If you’re imagining friends coming aboard to bid you farewell over champagne toasts, as in a Fred Astaire–Ginger Rogers movie, imagine again. I counted eight security checkpoints before I reached the actual ship, although there may have been a ninth. No visitors allowed.

The departure from New York, at about 6 p.m., was glorious. That’s a Chinese junk in the foreground, the Statue of Liberty in the background. (Now imagine crossing in the east-to-west direction and entering New York Harbor at dawn. It must be spectacular.)

Leaving New York Harbor
Leaving New York. Photo by the author.

This was my economy-class stateroom — cozy, and blissfully dark at night (no porthole or balcony.)

Queen Mary 2 stateroom
My stateroom. Photo by the author.

The bathroom, minus the shower (out of frame to the left). Keep in mind that this was the very cheapest option.



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